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Visit: Chassagne-Montrachet: Lamy-Caillat

Sebastien is definitely a perfectionist! You can feel it in his wines, winery cleanliness, quality of the corks, sleek bottle wax… in everything!  But what I like the most is the style of his wines, with huge citrus, mineral, great concentration in his Caillerets… but above all the “matchstick” magic, that only the greatest winemakers have, you know who I mean 🙂

2016 Lamy-Caillat Chassagne-Montrachet
Barrel sample: Very nice nose of citrus, hint of smoke, hint of matchstick… very nice yellow citrus taste, the mineral appears after 10 seconds, very straight, very precise, nice fatness in the finish! (92 points)

2016 Lamy-Caillat Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru La Romanée
Very nice nose of citrus, hint of vanilla, lychee, exotic fruit… very nice taste of citrus, matchstick, exotic fruit, nice fatness, length of 30 sec! (93-95/100)

2016 Lamy-Caillat Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Caillerets
Nice nose of exotic citrus, yellow apple, hint of smoke… huge concentration in the mouth, enormous, lenght of 60 sec!! (95-96 points)

2013 Lamy-Caillat Chassagne-Montrachet
Nose of citrus, huge matchstick, yellow apple, hint of mineral… Delicious citrus, good fruit concentration… 20 sec finish on mineral, delicious wine!! (94 points)






Vertical tasting Clos Mogador 1989 – 2015

It is the best way to understand a domain and the evolution of the wine over the years… The 2013 and 2010 ware amazing delicious young wines… and the 2004 & 2003 magic Clos Mogador at maturity!!

2015 Clos Mogador Priorat
Nice nose of red and black cherries, sous-bois, mushrooms… Taste of very primary black fruit, loads of sappy tannin, nice concentration, nice lenght. (94 points)

2014 Clos Mogador Priorat
Nose of cedar, sous-bois, black fruit… high acidity, red berries, tannin a little bit present, maybe a hint of greeness… (93 points)

2013 Clos Mogador Priorat
Huge nose of black fruit and chocolate, very concentrated, almost decadent, cigar box, cèpes de Bordeaux… Taste is loaded with tons of very sappy tannin, huge ripe black fruit, but super refreshing acidity… Lenght of 45 sec!! (97 points)

2012 Clos Mogador Priorat
Average nose a bit closed, black fruit, graphite, sandalwood… Taste is fresh, tannin present, red vibrant fruit, doesn’t have the concentration of the 2013, but more “vin de garde” (96 points)

2010 Clos Mogador Priorat
Wow wow wow, mega huge attractive nose of bacon, roasted meat, ripe red cherries, strawberries… Super delicious, sappy tannin, fresh and ripe red cherries, lenght of 30 sec, killer wine approaching maturity. (97 points)

2005 Clos Mogador Priorat
I remember how spectacular this wine was on release… but now the wine was a bit overripe, hint of cooked, a bit thick and lacking freshness and tension… Still okay wine, but this style doesn’t seem to age well compared to how it showed at release!! (93 points)

2004 Clos Mogador Priorat
Huge nose of bacon, leather, cèpes de Bordeaux, roasted meat… Loads of ripe cherries with refreshing acidity, totally integrated tannins, good lenght of 30 sec, great mogador at maturity!! (96 points)

2003 Clos Mogador Priorat
Very evolved and ripe nose, ripe red cherries, smoked meat… Super meaty, juicy ripe red cherries, loads of silky and ripe tannins, super delicious!! (95 points)

2000 Clos Mogador Priorat
Wow, loads of leather, gamey, sandalwood, very tertiary, delicious!! Super silky, loads of ripe tannin, strawberries, lenght of 30 sec, still at peak with potential at 17 years of age!! (95 points)

1999 Clos Mogador Priorat
Meaty and herbal nose, red cherries, sous-bois, mushrooms… Lighter than other vintages, integrated tannin, red fruit, lenght of 20 seconds! (93 points)

1989 Clos Mogador Priorat
We have opened two bottles of 1989 Clos Mogador and both seemed flawed, high acidity hint of vinegear, searing tannin, no fruit… didn’t improve with aeration… very different from previous bottles that were beautiful… (NR/flawed)

Bourgogne 2015 – MillĂ©sime de garde!

Charlopin 2015_after bottling

The Charlopin 2015’s are just bottled… and I couldn’t resist revisiting them since I tasted them in barrel… But it is no big surprise that most of these 2015’s red Burgundy are still painfully closed, but have a huge potential to become a great vintage… patience, patience!!

2015 Gerard Thomas Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Chatenière
Very nice nose of mineral and honey, smoke, hint of citrus… Taste is lasersharp citrus, followed by mineral, a hint of honey, yellow apples in the finish. (93 points)

2015 Gerard Thomas Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Les Murgers des Dents de Chien
Very cold nose of mineral and citrus, hint of yellow apple … Very high yellow citrus and loads of mineral, dried herbs in the background, this wine is still painfully young but with a lenght of 30 seconds finish, this wine has still a lot of potential ahead!! (92 points)

2013 Domaine Belleville Rully Les Chauchoux
Beautiful nose of ripe strawberries, gamey, cerise rouge griotte, un nez qui “pinote”… Very light, fresh acidity, cerise griotte, nice sappy sweeteness in the finish, great little wine! (91 points)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Bourgogne Cuvée Prestige
Broading nose of forest floor, black cherries, sandalwood… really concentrated sappy red cherries, very nice refreshing acidity, already very concentrated for a simple Bourgogne! (92 points)

2014 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Marsannay En Montchenevoy
Very nice nose of ripe strawberries, farmyard, sandalwood… Super fresh high acid, silky tannin, almost transparent, but beautifully sappy!! (92 points)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Marsannay En Montchenevoy
Huge nose of black cherries, forest floor, characoal… Loads of red sappy fruit and silky tannin, lenght of 20 sec… (93 points)

2014 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Gevrey-Chambertin Cuvée Vieilles Vignes
Very masculine and animal nose, farmyard, red cherries in the background… Nice fresh red cherries, high acidity, light on it’s feet but very delicious!! (93 points)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Gevrey-Chambertin Cuvée Vieilles Vignes
Very black nose, ripe black cherries, animal, characoal, hint of bacon fat… Loads of super fine and silky tannin, ripe red and black cherries, lenght of 30 sec… Don’t touch it for the next 5-10 years, plenty of potential ahead! (94 points)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Clos Vougeot
Beautiful nose of ripe red cherries, cèpes de Bordeaux, sandalwood… Loads of red fruit, high acidity, nice freshness, lenght of 30 sec (94 points)

Bordeaux horizontal 2003

Bordeaux 2003

It is amazing to see that at the age of 14, these wines from the most torrid and hot vintage 2003 in France, show very little signs of this hot vintage, on the contrary the freshness has appeared and the wines are now hedonistic and opulent with a perfect balance… and some wines are becoming legendary like the Clos Fourtet St-Emilion “1er Grand Cru ClassĂ© B” 2003!!

2003 Château Lagrange – St. Julien
Color is still pretty dark for a 14 year old wine… Huge nose of cedar, leather, ripe black fruit, sandalwood, textbook St-Julien nose… Very black taste, fresh integrated tannin with black fruit in the background, very nice! (92 points)

2003 Château Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse – St. Émilion Grand Cru ClassĂ© B
Huge nose of mokka, chocolate, hint of mint, very black fruit… Nice sappy and elegant tannin, red and black fruit, good freshness…. Absolutely no signs of hot vintage here, I can’t believe this is the same wine I tasted 10 years ago!!! (92 points)

2000 Château Haut Condissas Prestige – Medoc
Very cold and black nose, mineral, cold, iron, characoal… Dry tannin, very black fruit, super fresh, not very long, goes better with food… (89 points)

2003 Château Saint-Pierre – St. Julien
Cigar box, cèpes de Bordeaux, Havana cigar, sous-bois, red cherries… Quite light, but building up in the mouth, super ripe silky coating finishing on ripe strawberries and fresh aftertaste. (93 points)

2003 Bodegas Mauro Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y LeĂłn Terreus Pago de Cueva Baja
Huge nose of coffee, chocolate, very ripe black fruit, hint of mint… Loads of ripe red and black fruit, almost syrupy, still fresh, super modern! (94 points)

2003 San Giusto a Rentennano La Ricolma Toscana IGT
Loads of iodine, dark chocolate, minty, red berries, sandalwood… Cold and fresh tannin, high acidity, red berries, super super fresh, absolutely nos signs of warm vintage here! (96 points)

2003 Château LĂ©oville Poyferré  – St. Julien
WOW nose of cigar box, huge leather, ripe black fruit, characoal… Very nice concentration of ripe strawberries, coated with super silky tannin, cèpes de Bordeaux, lenght of 30 seconds! (96 points)

2003 Clos Fourtet – St. Émilion 1er Grand Cru ClassĂ© B
Huge nose of ripe and very black fruit, mineral, characoal… delicious taste of black chocolate, super dark fruit, characoal, mineral, aftertaste of 60 seconds… Whaouw, whaouw, whaouw, what a great mature Bordeaux!!! (99 points)




Burgundy visit: Philippe Charlopin in Gevrey-Chambertin

Philippe Charlopin est en Ă©lève de feu Henri Jayer (dont les vins se vendent plus chers que la RomanĂ©e Conti!!) dont il a appris l’Ă©raflage afin d’Ă©viter le cotĂ© vert et herbacĂ©, et le goĂ»t du raisin qui est signe d’une maturitĂ© optimale… Personellement, c’est une des dĂ©gustations les plus impressionnantes que j’ai eu l’occasion de faire en Bourgogne rouge… oĂą chaque vin etait dĂ©licieux, mĂ»r et Ă©quilibrĂ©… du petit Bourgogne… au majestueux Chambertin!!

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Bourgogne
Superb nose of ripe red cherries, super sappy delicious!! Completely integrated tannins, very ripe style (91 pts.)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Marsannay En Montchenevoy
Nice nose of ripe black cherries, very spicy… very ripe black cherries, super delicious, ripe tannins (93 pts.)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Gevrey-Chambertin La Justice
Nice nose of ripe black cherries, freshly cutted grass… ripe black fruit, hint of mineral (92 pts.)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Gevrey-Chambertin Les Terres Blanches
Nice nose of ripe black cherries, hint of bell peper… Tannins present, a bit more rustic, very well made!! (92 pts.)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Gevrey-Chambertin Cuvée Vieilles Vignes
Nose of ripe black cherries, mine de crayon, very mineral… Very nice, more complex than other Gevrey’s, graphite, mineral, loads of black cherries (94 pts.)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Charmes-Chambertin
Nose of red and black cherries, freshly cutted grass… Très en finesse, light ripe black cherries.. Hint of mineral, all delicacy!! (94 pts.)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Mazis-Chambertin
Nice nose of animal, roasted bacon… ripe red cherries, super ripe tannins, finish very mineral, great great great!! (96 pts.)

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Chambertin
Explosive nose of roasted bacon, ripe black cherries, super WOW!! Super concentrated ripe black cherries, loads of super ripe tannins, complex, super mineral finish, lenght of 45 seconds!! BRAVO (98 pts.)

Yes, bottle size matters!

Pegau 2003

It seems that magnum is not better, but ages much more slower… The first magnum I open from PĂ©gau RĂ©serve 2003, after going through almost 3 cases of the 75Cl version… I’m really amazed how young the magnum tastes compared to the 75Cl sibbling!!  It seems at least 5-8 years younger and deserves at least 5 more years before opening the next magnum!!

2003 Domaine du Pégaü Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée
From magnum – Beautiful nose of very black ripe cherries, sandalwood, farmyard, still tight and a bit closed, opened up with air… tannins are present, dark cherries, bacon, still painfully young! Wait at least 5-10 years before opening up the next magnum… and finish the 75Cl bottles first! (96+/100 pts.)

Bottle variation, in the same wooden case!!

Carbonnieux 2004

Three bottles of the very same wine, from the very same wooden case showed very differently at our tasting … As Parker says “There are no great wines, only great bottles!”.  Interesting fact is that there was a clear corellation between the color and the gustative quality of the wine, the darker the wine, the older it tastes!!

2004 Château Carbonnieux Blanc
Yellow-greenish color… mature nose of yellow and green apple, doesn’t have the lasersharpness of it’s youth, but the “markers” of the Sauvignon blanc are present… taste of yellow and green apple, good acidity and freshness here, good sound bottle, drink-up! (88 pts.)

2004 Château Carbonnieux Blanc
Yellow color… nose of yellow apple, yellow straw in the sun, the typical grany smith nose has dissepeared here… taste of yellow apple, lacking a bit acidity and tension… clearly downhill, should have been consumed at least 5 years ago… old and tired bottle! (85 pts.)

2004 Château Carbonnieux Blanc
Color is golden, orange straw… the nose has a hind of reduced, maderized, clearly some nuts… Taste is flat yellow apples lacking tension… seems a defective bottle! NR (flawed)