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Chateauneuf 2016: Le Clos du Caillou

Nice barrel tasting in their old cellar!  Clos du Caillou is often underestimated in his youth… But today the Chateauneuf Réserve was a clear 100 point potential!!

2017 Le Clos du Caillou Côtes du Rhône
Nose of primary red fruit, freshly cutted grass… Very light taste, acidity present, Cerise rouge du nord, a bit short aftertaste… (87 points)

2016 Le Clos du Caillou Côtes du Rhône Bouquet des Garrigues
Nose of red “cerise du Nord”, hint of mineral, almost floral… Tannin very refined, nice acidity, very red “cerise du Nord” (89 points)

2017 Le Clos du Caillou Côtes du Rhône ‘Nature’
Nose of fresh red cherries, agrumes, very very fruity! Fruit bomb, gourmand, nice fresh acidity, cerise rouge croquante (90 points)

2016 Le Clos du Caillou Côtes du Rhône Les Quartz
Nose of very black fruit, mine de crayon, mineral, incense, hint of smoke… Very nice concentration, loads of ripe tannin, black cherries, salinity, mineral, very black fruit! (94 points)

2016 Le Clos du Caillou Côtes du Rhône Reserve
Nose of licorice, black cherries, very mineral, soy sauce… crisp black fruit gamey, loads of silky tannin, very cold, fresh (94 points)

2016 Le Clos du Caillou Châteauneuf-du-Pape Les Safres
Nose of ripe strawberries, framboise, mineral, ripe and fresh at the same time…. Very silky taste, fraise écrasée, framboise, hint of citrus in the finish, nice balance… I start to love more and more the wines from sandy soils!! (95 points)

2016 Le Clos du Caillou Châteauneuf-du-Pape Domaine du Caillou Les Quartz
Enormous nose of licorice, ripe black and red cherries, nice minerality… Very silky, loads of sappy tannin from the Syrah, loads of sappy red cherries, very delicious, mineral, salty, lenght of 45 seconds, (96 points)

2016 Le Clos du Caillou Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Réserve
Huge nose of ripe strawberries, hint of licorice, black characoal, black cherries… Loads of ripe strawberries, ripe black cherries, loads of ripe and silky tannin… This wine will need 5-10 years to show it full potential and could become a 100 points wine!! <b>(99-100 points)





Top Languedoc and cassoulet

It was not clear which one was the best… the Cassoulet or the Languedoc wines 🙂  Personally I find that to appreciate the wines of a region, you need to pair them with the food of the region… so we went for Cassoulet!!  No surprises in the wines, the Grange des Pères was amazing as usual, while the 2010 is still quite closed (compared to the magic 2009!).  The Trevallon was very impressive at 20 years of age, quite a performance… And the Domaine de l’Aiguelière was also a revelation for a 20 euro wine in the top 3 of the evening!!

2005 Mas de Daumas Gassac
Quite simple nose of red fruit, a hint of wet wood and sous-bois… Very simple red fruit and acidity, very lean, dissapointing for it’s pedigree. The only positive note is that it is still very young after 13 years… (88 points)

2000 Château Puech-Haut Coteaux du Languedoc Saint-Drézéry Tête de Cuvée
Huge nose of bacon, roasted meat, herbes de Provence… Taste is red fruit, good concentration, a bit lacking complexity but refreshing. (90 points)

2013 Domaine l’Aiguelière Coteaux du Languedoc Montpeyroux Côte Rousse
Delicious nose of bacon, roasted meat, fresh red fruit, loads of viande rotie, sandalwood, cèpes de Bordeaux… Very fresh, integrated tannin, red cherries, good lenght, quite complex! (93 points)

2000 Domaine l’Aiguelière Coteaux du Languedoc Montpeyroux Côte Dorée
Wow, super animal nose, fur, bacon, leather, orange blood, roasted meat, smoky… Very fresh integrated tannin, red fruit and cherries, good length, some minerality (94 points)

1998 Domaine de Trévallon
Wow, cedar wood, very roasted meat, cèpes de Bordeaux… Very fresh taste, silky tannin, sappy acidity, sappy red cherries (95 points)

2010 Domaine de la Grange des Pères Vin de Pays de l’Hérault
Hige nose of oriental spices, patanegra ham, soy sauce, roasted bacon, ripe red cherries… Good fruit concentration, refreshing acidity, great wine!! (96 points)

At to finish the evening we opened some nice Burgs 🙂

2015 Domaine Philippe Charlopin Gevrey-Chambertin Cuvée Vieilles Vignes
Delicious nose of sappy red cherries, tobacco, sous-bois, spices… Delicious ripeness, red sappy cherries, super silky tannin, lenght of 30 sec, great great Burgundy… Conservative 95/100!! (95 points)

2015 Domaine Drouhin-Laroze Latricières-Chambertin
Very complex but compact nose of earth, sous-bois, cedar wood, groseilles rouges… Very transparent wine, rose petal, high acidity, super feminine and delicious length of 30 sec.. This wine requires considerable time, I would give 94+/100 now, but with high upwards potential! (94+ points)

Coche Dury benchmarking tasting!

Too often we have had wines from Coche Dury coming out as  “#1 wine of the evening”  … So it was time to have as theme the “Who can beat Coche Dury?” 🙂 .  The tasting was very blind and all wines were revealed only at the very end of the tasting.  We were 5 tasters and love white Burgundy, so we put in there our best contenders.  The bad news is that we got it all wrong in guessing what was what… But the good news is that we found two wines that were ranked better than the Coche Meursault 2008 which is one of our benchmarks… Lot of fun and great evening!!

2011 Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Chenevottes
Smoke, very mineral nose, hint of citrus… taste huge mineral, loads of citrus, lenght of 30 sec, still perfectly young, a bit uni-dimensional and lacking the complexity of the Boillot (93 points)

2016 Domaine Henri Boillot Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Perrières
Absolutely killer wine!! Beautiful nose of smoke, citrus, huge mineral, oyster shell… taste of citrus, mineral, lenght of 40 sec, long long aftertaste, became only better and better with aeration! (97 points)

2008 Coche-Dury Meursault
Nose of hazelnut, grilled smoke, yellow apple, delicious, hint of flint stone… Taste of delicious grilled hazelnut, striking citrus, laser sharp minerality, very delicious, very complex, lenght of 40 sec! (95 points)

2010 Joseph Drouhin Beaune 1er Cru Clos des Mouches Blanc
Very nice nose of flintstones… Very rich and delicious citrus, nice lenght (96 points)

2014 Lamy-Caillat Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Caillerets
Light nose of flintstones, lemon, super mineral… Delicious mineral, loads of citrus, lenght of 30 sec… delicious wine with upwards potential, still painfully young! (94 points)

Bordeaux 2015: Union des Grands Crus

2015 is probably the best vintage in Bordeaux since the great 2010, Pomerol is a fantastic success for the vintage, also St-Julien and Pessac Leognan are very high quality… Somehow the Margaux were a bit dissapointing… See detailed notes below.

2015 Château Clinet
Very nice nose of mineral, lactic, loads of ripe black cherries… fresh ripe tanin, loads of ripe black fruit, super fresh, great wine!! (96 points)

2015 Château Léoville Poyferré
Huge noise of cassis, BBQ smoke, ripe black cherries, cedar wood, lead pencil… WOW super concentrated fruit, loads of silky tannins length of 30 sec!! (96 points)

2015 Château Pape Clément
Lead pencil nose, mineral, ripe black cherries, very complex nose… Nice silky tannin, ripe black cherries, mineral, delicious, great length!! (96 points)

2015 Clos Fourtet
Big nose of black and red ripe cherries, sandalwood.. Loads of super ripe tannin, loads of ripe black cherries, characoal (96 points)

2015 Château Le Bon Pasteur
Mokka, coffee, loads of black ripe cherries, hint of vanilla… Super ripe tannins, loads of black cherries, 45 sec finish… Great Bon Pasteur!! (95 points)

2015 Château Léoville Barton
Huge nose of cedar, vanilla, red and black cherries… Loads of silky tannins, ripe red cherries, sappy finish (95 points)

2015 Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion
Very nice nose of ripe black fruit, cedar wood, characoal, hint of smoke… Deliciously sappy black cherries, super soft tannins… Fabulous!! (95 points)

2015 Château Valandraud
Huge nose of black ripe cherries, moka, cocoa, smoke, BBQ meat… Fresh red cherries, good acidity, sappy tannin (95 points)

2015 Château La Couspaude
Huge nose of black ripe cherries, cedar wood, BBQ beef… Deliciously ripe, black cherries, good length, super silky tanins… A great discovery!! (94 points)

2015 Château La Pointe
Very nice nose of black fruit, mineral, moka… Delicious sappy tanin, good concentration, black fruit, length of 20 sec (94 points)

2015 Domaine de Chevalier
Medium nose of ripe green pepers, red berries, red cherries, hint of vanilla… Super delicious, silky tannin, delicious sappy ripe red cherries, less concentrated than Carmes… (94 points)

2015 Château Gloria
Super delicious lactic nose, mineral, black smoke, black cherries… Loads of ripe tannins, ripe black cherries, delicious!! (93 points)

2015 Château La Tour-Martillac
Nice nose of ripe black cherries, cigar box… Great concentration, of black cherries, hint of tannin (93 points)

2015 Château Lagrange (St. Julien)
Light nose, black fruit, mineral… Super silky tannin, delicious black fruit, great Lagrange!! (93 points)

2015 Château Saint-Pierre
Nose of mokka, wood, vanilla.. Loads of ripe black cherries, hint of tannins, black cherries (93 points)

2015 Château Smith Haut Lafitte
Black cherries, hint of alcohol, cedar wood… Tannin present, black fruit, average length… Was a bit disappointed for it’s pedigree, to be retasted!! (93 points)

2015 Château Talbot
Nose of olives, black cherries, sandalwood… Super silky tannins, loads of black ripe cherries (93 points)

2015 Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste
Huge nose of black ripe fruit, hint of alcohol… Tannins present, lacking a bit of fruit to be in balance (92 points)

2015 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion
Ripe green peper, nose of red cherries, … Taste of ripe red cherries, good acidity (92 points)

2015 Château Phélan Ségur
Very black cherries, characoal… Tannins present, nice balanced fruit (92 points)

2015 Château Haut-Bailly
Nice nose of ripe red cherries, cedar wood… red cherries, tannin slightly present, not very long (91 points)

2015 Château Haut-Bergey
Very fruity forward nose, loads of ripe black cherries, moka… Red berries, red cherries, nice acidity, tannin present (91 points)

2015 Château Kirwan
Very woody nose, wet forest, black fruit… Very ripe, hint of overripe, lacking freshness and tension (90 points)

2015 Château Lascombes
Hint of green , black fruit, wood… Very ripe fruit, a bit too modern and lacking freshness (90 points)

2015 Château Chasse-Spleen
Hint of green, hint of black fruit… quite tanic and light (89 points)

2015 Château de Fargues
Nice nose of confit ananas, very fres.. Taste loads of ananas, sugar… Good nose, but not great taste (90 points)

2015 Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey
Huge nose of apricot jam, highly refreshing acidity… Taste of mainly sugar, good freshness, lacking a bit of fruit… Nose is good but not great taste (89 points)


Chateau Rayas: a lengendary winemaker!


The more I taste Rayas… The more I understand how unique his terroir is and why it ages so well and delivers it’s full potential after 10-20 years.  This time it became obvious to me how interesting the sandy soils / North exposure / Forest are!!

2016 Château Rayas Côtes du Rhône Blanc Château de Fonsalette Reserve
Very nice floral nose, honey, yellow apple… Powerful honey taste, citrus, nice tension, very nice! (93 points)

2016 Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc Réserve
Very nice minerality, green apple… very elegant, honey, yellow apple(94 points)

2016 Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape Pignan Reserve
Pepery nose, sous-bois, mushrooms, cerise du Nord… Tannin present, cerise du Nord. This is argile terroir, and personally I prefer the sandy soils from Rayas (89 points)

2016 Château Rayas Côtes du Rhône Château de Fonsalette Reserve
Cinsault barrel: nose of red berries, ripe framboise, transparent, hint of salinity, pepery
Grenache barrel: Ripe red cherries, salinity… very fine, saline, groseille, sweet but sappy (94 points)

2016 Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape Reserve
Levant (PI): Skeleton, long term, black cherries, peper… tannin present, a bit harsh, cerise du Nord (92+/100).
Coeur (PIII): Very nice nose of sappy cherries, framboise… Very ripe taste, beautiful ripe tannin, nice lenght, tight (95/100)
Couchant (PII): Spicy nose of bacon, red cherries, black peper… fat, silky taste, framboise, cherries, salinity (96/100) (96 points)

2016 Château Rayas Côtes du Rhône Château de Fonsalette Cuvée Syrah
Galets/argile (SYI): very spicy, pepery, chocolate, bacon, roasted meat (93/100)
Sable (SYII): deep, cold, humid… Super salinity, groseille rouge… very light tannin, groseille, delicious!! (94/100) (94 points)

Gerard Thomas – Puligny Montrachet 2017

It is always a pleasure to have early tasting of 2017 Puligny vintage this year at Gerard Thomas… The Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Garenne dit particularly well in this vintage!!

2017 Gerard Thomas Bourgogne Blanc
Nose of citrus, freshly cutted grass, yellow and green apple… very nice taste of citrus, mineral, freshness (90 points)

2017 Gerard Thomas Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Les Murgers des Dents de Chien
Nose of yellow and green apple… Hint of mineral in the taste, yellow apple, hint of citrus… to be retasted next year… (91 points)

2017 Gerard Thomas Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Chatenière
Nose of exotic fruit, yellow apple… taste of smoke, matchstick, yellow apple, mineral, citrus finish <(92 points)

2017 Gerard Thomas Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru La Garenne
Very nice nose of mineral, citrus, smoke, apple, spices… Very nice concentration, citrus, fat, exotic fruit, lenght of 30 sec!! (94 points)

Côte Rôtie 2015 – Horizontal tasting

Rotie 2018

Very interesting to taste early this very acclaimed vintage and comparing to older sibblings.  This tasting confirms that 2015 is a great vintage, especially the Côte Jamet Côte Rôtie 2015 that was truly amazing!!

2015 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Côte-Rôtie Le Village
Very nice nose of vanilla, black fruit, Violette, cold ashes… Tannin present, but ripe, good freshness, black ripe cherries (90 points)

2013 Domaine l’Aiguelière Coteaux du Languedoc Montpeyroux Côte Rousse
Huge nose of smoked bacon, sandalwood, cèpes de Bordeaux, ripe red and black cherries… super delicious ripe cherries with loads of super ripe tannin, length of 30 sec (94 points)

2015 Rene Rostaing Côte-Rôtie Cuvée Classique Ampodium
Cold, very black nose, incense, black smoke, violette… Cold tannin, black fruit fresh finish (92 points)

2010 E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie Brune et Blonde
OXO nose, BBQ meat, very gamey, ripe red cherries, mineral… Light tannin, red cherries, fresh, very nice evolved Côte Rôtie (93 points)

2015 Domaine Pierre Usseglio & Fils Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Syrah
Very nice nose of saline cherries, smoked BBQ meat… Saline cherries kirsch, nice ripe tannin, very fresh, lenght of 30 sec! (95 points)

2015 Domaine Jamet Côte-Rôtie
Very very black and tight nose, incense, herbes de Provence… Super fresh, massive but silky at the same time, black ripe cherries with super high fresh acidity, good mineral… lenght of 30 sec, fabulous wine!! (98 points)

2007 E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie La Landonne
Nice nose of bacon, very gamey, already tertiary aromas… Still very primary and very young taste, hint of drying tannin, loads of ripe black cherries, hint of greenness in the finish, good but not as great as expected… (94 points)