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Visit to Chateau Rayas

February 12, 2017


Rayas is a mythical Chateau that you learn little by little every visit… How does Rayas keep such a freshness in it’s wines, while he is always one of the last to harvest?  Emmanuel Reynaud explained that his objective is to slow down the maturity as much as he can: with very Northern exposed vineyard, lots of trees giving shade to the vines, unique sandy soils with very little clay and leaving lots of leave on top of the grapes to avoid direct contact with the sun… We also learned that his Syrah clones of the Fonsalette where bought directly from Chave… That explains a lot!! 🙂

2016 Château Rayas Côtes du Rhône Blanc Château de Fonsalette Reserve
Barrel sample: 8% clairette, Marsanne and majority of grenache blanc… Nose of white peach, apricot… taste is very spicy, apricot, powerful, 20 seconds finish… I love grenache blanc!! (93 pts.)

2016 Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc Réserve
Barrel sample: Light nose of yellow apple, white flowers… Quite light, ripe, yellow apple, a bit light compared to the Fonsalette… Needs probably some age to develop… (90 pts.)

2015 Château Rayas Côtes du Rhône Château de Fonsalette Cuvée Syrah
Huge nose of black salty cherries, huge peper, the syrah clones are from Chave!! Taste is very pepery, loads of ripe tannins, fresh black cherries. (95 pts.)

2015 Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape Reserve
Barrel sample coeur: 100% grenache, nose of animal, civette, huge nose of salty griotte cherries… Very fresh, salty cherries, very spicy, acidulated fruit, red berries, finishing very fresh and nice acidity
Barrel sample couchant: Pure ripe griotte cherries, more fruity… very nice fruity concentration, high acid red berries and ripe red cherries
Barrel sample levant: Very ripe black cherries, super salty… very salty black cherries, very long aftertaste!! (95 pts.)

2015 Château Rayas Côtes du Rhône Château de Fonsalette Reserve
Cinsault barrel sample: Wow huge nose of saltiness, ripe strawberries, very spicy sandalwood, ripe red griotte cherries, killer nose!!… Very fresh, salty, mineral, cerise rouge griotte.
Grenache barrel sample: Nice nose of ripe red cherries, nice salinity… Very fresh, nice acidity, mineral, groseille rouge. (94 pts.)


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